Polystyrene beads, ideal for beanbag filling, light weight concrete and insulation

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Polystyrene regrind beads

Polystyrene regrind beads are recycled beads made form clean polystyrene packaging.

Polystyrene Virgin beads

Polystyrene virgin beads are pre-expanded EPS beads which polystyrene is made of. This is not a recycled product and is perfectly round (spheres) that is more dense than regrinded beads.

Light weight concrete

Polystyrene beads pre-coated with a special coating for light weight concrete.

We recycle

We assist in the recycling of used polystyrene consumer waste material to reintroduce as a usable product. We only recycle none food grade/type consumer used polystyrene. Contact us today to assist in the recycling of your polystyrene waste material.

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We recycle polystyrene and supply polystyrene beads
Good Quality Polystyrene beads

We are based at nr. 3 Romo park, 167 Alumina street, Silvertondale, Pretoria. Our clientele ranges from DIY enthusiasts to large manufacturing companies, it is best to place an order in advance to ensure available at the time of collection. Polystyrene is not bio degradable and does not decay. To keep this out of the landfill sites we have to reclaim it into a new usable product. We specialize in the supply of recycled polystyrene beads as well as virgin beads for various applications. Contact us today for more information.

  • Delivery

    Most parts of Gauteng

  • Bulk bags available

    Average of 15 kgs per bag for bulk applications

  • Smaller 250 liter bags available

    3.5 - 4.5 kg plastic bags available

  • recycling service

    We recycle only clean polystyrene none food grade packaging.


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Small polystyrene beads

R 150.00 per 250 liter bag 3.5-4.5 kg per bag Deliveries are quoted separately Bags are quoted on volume and not weight.
250 liter small bags Note that this is not virgin material and is not perfect round but recycled material. Ideal for light weight concrete, bean bag/wonder cooker filler, packaging and supplementary soil/compost mix.
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Virgin polystyrene beads

R 270.00 per 250 liter bag 4-5 kg per bag. Deliveries quoted separately. Bags are quoted on volume and not weight.
250 liter bags. Virgin beads are perfect round beads used to make polystyrene with. This item is not recycled. Ideal for beanbags/wonder cooker filler, packaging and supplementary soil/compost mix. Gives a more detailed feeling.
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Coated beads/light weight concrete

R 320.00 per 250 liter bag 5-6 kg per bag Deliveries are quoted separately Bags are quoted on volume and not weight
250 liter bags These beads are coated with a special formulated coating enabling it to bind better with cement and not float when mixed. Also a 2 hour fire rating on 100 mm thick screeds. Also available in bulk bags.

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