January 11, 2017

We recycle polystyrene



Polystyrene is not bio degradable and therefore does not decay or rot. This calls for alternative uses for waste polystyrene to help sustain our environment and to keep our earth green.



We recycle clean polystyrene waste material (not food contaminated packaging) into usable filling that can be applied to:


Beanbag filling
General filling of voids or packaging
Compost mix to aid in soil treatment
Void filling in walls to insulate buildings and new structures
Mix as an aggregate with cement and other elements to produce a light weight concrete
Light weight cement bricks


Beanbag filling polystyrene waste

beanbagfilling polystyrene waste

polystyrene recycling w








Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist in disposing of your polystyrene packaging waste, please note note currently we do not accept food contaminated polystyrene packaging.